Retracing our pedals

After over a week in Osh for Mark and a fleeting visit home for Jules to visit new niece, Isla, we journeyed back to Sary-Tash, in order to cross into China. The 4000m descent that we enjoyed over 2 days on the way to Osh was rather a daunting prospect for the return journey, especially…

Downhill from the Pamirs

We thought this was the top… …it was not. The 4000m descent over two days was pretty good though. And the views weren’t bad either.

Cutting it fine

With a slightly later start than planned, a few setbacks along the way, not feeling 100% and some unexpected rough sections of road, we didn’t have much time to get to the border before our visas expired. We still found time to stop to cook up some eggy bread for lunch though. Made it with…

100km on 2.5 biscuits and a cup of tea

I wasn’t feeling particularly well, and would have quite liked to stay in bed all day, please, but time was ticking on our Tajik visa, so I crawled out of bed onto my bike and somehow cycled the 100km from Alichur to Murghab on two and a half biscuits and a cup of tea. Luckily…

Cotic News

I’m famous! Check out and head down to 01/10/14 – X Touring