Our route so far…

For those of you wondering where we’ve been for the last 2 and a half years: Also, postcard maps of our route can be found in the our route section of our website. We’ve also added a couple of new pages including our favourite photos (more coming soon) and videos. Advertisements

How To Cook Pizza While Camping

Method I For this method you will need: Lots of big rocks, Kindling, Patience. First, find a suitable area to build a fireplace, a beach works well for this. Build up rocks in a circle just bigger than your pizza. Light a fire in the middle, and place pizza on for a few minutes. Make…


Sorted. All the way to Azerbaijan.

Time Warp

We somehow managed to cover only 12km by 3pm. We’re still not sure what this thing on the hill was for, but it was pretty impressive nonetheless.

All downhill from here

We’ve been cycling upstream for 15 days along the Rhine, the Main canal, and the Lieblische Tauber. Today, we reached the turning point, where the canal is now flowing in the other direction. All downhill from here to the Black Sea!

Another cathedral

We seem to have spent the first few weeks of our journey taking photos of cathedrals and castles even though they are entirely unrepresentative  of the lives that people lead in the places we have visited along the way.  We will make more of an effort to photograph real life from now on.


After 2 weeks in the saddle, we decided to take a day off. Rothenburg seemed a good idea, and we were able to meet up with Bob. We discovered Rothenburg to be an enchanting walled town with pretty streets and an almost continuous circuit of walls to wander along. It was great to see Bob…

A Recipe for Elderflower Lemonade

Preparation time: About 3 days. For this recipe you will need: A couple of empty plastic bottles, A plastic bag, A pin, The juice of 1 lemon, Lots of sugar (about 20 cubes), An inordinate amount of fresh elderflowers. Method: First, pick the elderflowers. One bush will not be enough. You’ll need to stop at…


We decided to leave the Rhine just south of Mainz, instead of following the Main canal on its long journey to the Danube, we thought we’d go cross country for a while. Our plan to follow the signed cycleways in the general direction of East worked surprisingly well, that is until we encountered a slight…

A pretty good spot to camp

Even if we did have to pay. Night time is often the best time to explore these towns, it’s cool and quiet, and the buildings are beautifully lit up. A lovely wander round town the following morning.