gam2 /gam/ noun noun gam plural noun gams 1. a school of whales, porpoises, dolphins or cycle tourers. 2. a social meeting or informal conversation (originally one among whalers at sea). 3. a confluence of cycle tourers on the road, resulting in a friendly chat, the swapping of route advice and stories, and general camaraderie….


We’re back on Strava! Complete with detailed maps, altitude and speed plots, and even temperature profiles, there’s all the stats you could ever need. Go here to check it out:

Cotic News

I’m famous! Check out and head down to 01/10/14 – X Touring

A different view of the world

I had always wanted to cycle the whole way, to move at a steady pace, under my own steam, to really appreciate the scale of the world, every hill and valley, every town and village, and the subtle changes along the way. Sometimes things don’t go quite as expected… Three days on a train across…

A poem…

To roll on smooth flat lanes, and push up steep rough way, Knowing where we’re going, or sometimes far astray, Waking, biking, camping, sleeping, waking up again, Getting on, falling out and making up again. Sometimes on the tranquil plain, wind blowing in the face, In heat and cold and rain and sun and mist…