Lu Gu Hu

Back on our bikes after a couple of weeks off, we decided to head up to Lugu Lake, on the border between Sichuan and Yunnan. The Lugu Lake area is populated by the Mosuo people, one of the few matrilineal societies in the world. Traditionally, when women get married, they retain their name and home….

Where in the World is Tethys?

Tethys is still waiting to be found! Thank you to Al for your enthusiasm in finding photos of Tethys, but there was a slight misunderstanding… We would like you to tell us where in the world Tethys is. So far, Al has 1 correct answer: Cologne Cathedral. The rest are still up for grabs.

Where’s Tethys?

We have been taking photos of Tethys the Turtle, our travelling mascot, with landmarks along the way. We have hidden the photos of Tethys in some of our new blog posts, and also in a couple of old ones. Can you find Tethys and tell us where he is? Add your answers to each Tethys blog…

Plan A

Go to Baku, pick up our visas, catch the ferry to Kazakhstan, cycle across Uzbekistan into Tajikistan to tackle the Pamir Highway, on to Kyrgyzstan, then China and beyond.