Jakarta, Indonesia

We discovered the hard way that you can’t just roll a bike onto the trains leaving Jakarta (unless it’s a folding bike).

you shall not pass
Watching our train leave without us

We had been told by customer services at Gambir (the main hub in Jakarta) that we would be able to take our bikes on the train at Pasar Senen. Unfortunately, this was not the case. After lengthy discussions with many different people, we established that we would have to take it to a freight company to send it on ahead. The staff call the service ‘expeditions’.

the 'expeditions' staffAs we had missed the last train of the day, we headed back to our hostel to try again in the morning. Once you know how it works, it really is quite straightforward.

getting the bikes ready

There are three locations in Jakarta where you can drop off your bike:
• Manggarai Station,
• Jakarta Kota Station,
• 300m north of Pasar Senen Station.

despite the apparent chaos there did seem to be a pretty good system in place

We headed back to Pasar Senen as there are regular trains in the direction of Yogyakarta. Train times can be found on the Kereta API website.

labelling our gearIt cost 250,000 rupiah (less than US$20) for both bikes, including packaging. We caught a train that afternoon and carried all our panniers with us. The bikes were due to arrive the morning after our train got in, so we had to take a taxi from the station, but got a lift back the next day with our host, Imron, to find our bikes waiting for us, all wrapped up and in one piece.

picking up our bikes