Kiyikoy to Yalikoy

We heard of a road along the Turkish coast linking the towns of Kiyikoy and Yalikoy from a German couple we bumped into in Bulgaria. There’s no such road according to our map, and Google marks an incomplete track, but we thought we’d check it out.

The track wound it’s way up and down along the coast, diving into forests and over rivers, past hidden beaches and coves, before giving way to improbably good tarmac and leading us in to Yalikoy. It took the best part of a day, despite being only 35km between the two towns (although the alternative would have been much longer).

P1060441 _DSC4003

More than a little rough at times, parts of the track had been washed out by recent storms, it was very slow going, and we debated turning back a few times, but were reassured when a Jeep passed us on its way to Yalikoy (if he can do it, so can we!) We also had to sit out a few heavy rainfalls in various shelters when we could find them, but it was definitely an entertaining route.